We have outdoor covered walkways, also known as hoardings for rent. Both 20’s and 40’s in stock starting at $100 per month.

These are a great replacement for scaffolding walkways and are easy to set-up, they will not be affected by heavy winds and provides some additional overhead protection to pedestrians.

Covered walkways can be tailored to meet your specific needs. These hoarding units can also be connected units or they can have spaces in between for additional access points.


Get 1 Month Free on 6 Month Standard Walkway Lease

6 month lease minimum. Delivery and setup charges extra. Expires 06/30/18.

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Modifications can be made (if not already included):

  • ADA accessible/ wheelchair accessible
  • Lighting
  • Variety of flooring options (epoxy floors, non-slip carpet)
  • Handrails (helpful with inclines)
  • Picture frame window openings
  • Easy transition floor plates and ramps


Delivery is available within 50 miles on Loveland, OH.