While you’re busy taking care of the health and wellness of our community, let Pac-Van take care of your office space and modular hospital building needs.  Our health care customers use Pac-Van mobile storage container products in the following ways.

  • Storage containers to house additional medical supplies (like bandages and gauze pads) when space is tight
  • Covered walkways to protect pedestrians and patient flow during hospital renovations
  • Ground level container offices to serve as modular emergency medical clinics
  • Modular veterinary clinics/ animal hospitals  (For a video showing the modular installation of Winchester Road Animal Hospital, please click here.)

In addition to the types of modular healthcare building projects listed above, our custom storage container resume also includes the following:

  • Medical offices (surgical, clinical, dental)
  • Emergency rooms
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Operating rooms
  • Hospital extensions
  • Laboratories
  • Imaging Centers
  • Research Suites

Representative Projects

Please click on any of the below links to learn more about some of Pac-Van’s past modular clinic and healthcare building projects:

1-plex Fountain Valley Hyperbaric Chamber Module
1-plex Hall Ambulance Modular Office

3-plex Rhea County Modular Medical Center
4-plex Grover Dills Medical Center Modular Building
4-plex Latrobe Area Hospital Modular Women’s Health Center
4-plex Winchester Road Veterinary Modular Clinic
5-plex Atoka County Modular Medical Facility
5-plex Greenfield Medical Modular Building
8-plex Nye County, NV Modular Government Office
8-plex Universal Healthcare Modular Office
10-plex VA of Louisville Modular Government Building
16-plex Lifepoint Modular Medical Office
Christ Church Hospital Container Walkway

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.