Modified Shipping Containers & Custom Storage Containers

When your storage container needs a little something extra, just let us know. A modified shipping container may be just what you need.Custom Modified Container

Modified shipping containers are just one of the many options we offer. Many of our office locations have modification (or ‘mod’) shops to take a normal shipping container and turn it into something special, like a custom modular office building, kiosk, a retail shop, or even a restroom. Many of Pac-Van’s offices can make container modifications, such as adding roll-up doors, adding a vent, installing overhead lighting, electrical outlets or even a finished restroom.

Common shipping container modifications include:
•  Built-in furniture     •  Electrical outlets     •  HVAC     •  Insulation      •  Interior finishes       •  Man doors
•  Overhead lighting     •  Vents     •  Pass-through windows     •  Plumbing     •  Restrooms     •  Roll up doors
•  Shelving     •  Window guards     •  Windows     •  Lighting- both indoor and outdoor

Do you have questions about custom modular buildings? Click here to contact your local branch location.

Types of Custom Storage Containers

These container modifications can help turn standard containers into one of the following modified shipping containers:

  • Site Offices
  • Guard Shacks
  • Mobile Weigh Stations (Aggregates, Mines, Ports, Highway, etc.)
  • In-Plant Offices
  • Cooling Stations
  • Break Rooms / Lunch Rooms (can include heating and air conditioning, running water and furniture for your staff’s comfort)

We like to work with our customers to create modified shipping containers to provide the right solution to the challenge they’re facing. When some plumbers shared with us that storing their pipes was challenging, we created custom shipping containers for them. In the plumbing industry, an uncut pipe measures in at just over 21’. Those can’t be stored in a 20’ container without being cut, but a 40’ container leaves a lot of space empty, and sometimes the job site just can’t fit a 40’ container. Pac-Van’s Plumber’s Boxes take 20′ storage containers and turns them into modified shipping containers by adding 2’ by 4’ extensions to one end, effectively making these 22’ containers. The insides of these custom shipping containers are equipped with a racking system for pipes, which can then be folded and secured flush to the side walls when not in use.

Clearly the possibilities are endless with a custom storage container. Let us know what you’re needing; your Pac-Van team can help it come to life.

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.