For our sports and recreation customers, there’s always plenty for them to do and worry about- like will the weather hold for the big event, will they beat their ticket sales or membership sales projections, and who will take home the trophies.  But what they don’t worry about is their storage and office space needs, because Pac-Van takes care of this on their behalf.  Examples of how our sports and recreation customers use Pac-Van’s portable sports buildings and office space solutions are shown below:

  • Storage containers to for the facilities teams’ to store additional supplies and equipment before the big tournament
  • Ground level office containers to serve as on-site first aid stations
  • Guard shacks to serve as parking kiosks
  • Portable bathrooms for game day
  • Mobile sales office converted with special windows to serve as a ticket office
  • Modular press boxes from which broadcasters can share the play-by-play action


Other portable sports buildings and recreation projects on Pac-Van’s resume include:

  • Changing rooms / portable locker rooms
  • Golf pro shops
  • Recreation centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Club houses
  • Hockey/ Ice Rinks

Representative Projects

For sports facilities and recreational organizations/events, you can count on us to provide mobile office space, merchandise kiosks, and portable locker room solutions.  Examples of our past work include:

1-plex Barrett Station Driving Range Modular Club House
2-plex Danville Schools Modular Press Box
2-Plex Gahanna High School Modular Press Box
3-plex Siena Golf Pro Shop & Clubhouse Modular Building
4-plex Somersett Country Club Modular Building
5-plex Thunderbirds Golf Pro Shop and Mini Kitchen Modular Building
13-plex Siena Community Social Center Modular Building

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.