Needing to expand but not sure how soon?  Need to make sure you won’t outgrow your facilities?

At Pac-Van we offer our standard modular fleet, FAST buildings, custom modular commercial buildings, and containers. Whether you’re looking for a temporary prefabricated building to lease or a permanent prefab building for sale, you’ve come to the right place.  Modern permanent or temporary modular office buildings are attractive, relocatable, extendable and customizable. By being built off-site while your construction site is being prepped, a modular building can be occupied 30-50% sooner. In addition, you can save you 20-40% of project costs as you minimize your weather or site preparation delays. Moreover, modern materials and techniques create such high-quality custom modular buildings that people are ultimately surprised to learn that they are prefabricated buildings.

Standard Modular Fleet

Our standard modular fleet is available at most Pac-Van locations; floor plans of available inventory are available for you to view on the branch page of the location nearest you.

FAST Buildings

Our modular FAST buildings grow with you. Pac-Van expandable modular commercial buildings are made to have new sections inserted (with minimal disruption).  You start with a (F)ront, (M)iddle, and (R)estroom or a FMF configuration if you don’t need restroom facilities.  Then you just keep adding those (M)iddle sections until you have all the space you require.  In fact, we can add hundreds of square feet to your space in less than 48 hours!

Custom Containers and Modular Commercial Buildings

If, however, you need something unique, we can create a custom modular building for you.  Pac-Van’s modular bui3-plex Z Best Cars Modular Sales Officeldings serve business both large and small.  Above all, we bring decades of experience to the design, manufacture, erection, and turn-key commissioning of custom modular buildings, including:
•  Banks     •  Retail Stores     •  Fitness Centers     •  General Office Space     •  Residential Sales Centers     •  Fine Restaurants
•  Quick Service Restaurants (Fast Food)     •  Branch Office Locations     •  Auto Dealerships     •  Golf Pro Shops

Modern materials and techniques create high-quality facilities that are good-looking, relocatable, extendable, and are moreover customizable.

Pac-Van custom storage containers are truly state-of-the-art in terms of planning and design. Furthermore in choice and quality of materials and in our demanding construction standards, and in our modern installation techniques.  We are able to customize your prefab office with features like:
•  Sprinkler Systems     •  Extended Ceiling Heights     •  Concrete Floors     •  Non-Combustible Materials     •  Noise-Reduction Insulation

We are able to provide virtually any interior or exterior finish, including a match to existing buildings. In fact, we can equip your custom modular building with furniture and furnishings as well.

Do you have questions about shipping container modifications and modular commercial buildings? Click here to contact your local branch location.

Pac-Van's Custom Modular Building Experience

Whether you need a commercial modular building to be used as a sales office or a health care modular building for an imaging center, or even a retail modular building to be used as an auto dealership, the team at Pac-Van is here for you.

Examples of our past modular work include: classrooms, administrative office space, nurseries, workforce housing, on-site construction offices, banks, retail stores, fitness centers, fine dining restaurants, worship space, in-plant offices, guard houses, shower and change facilities, golf pro shops, press boxes, club houses, locker rooms, fitness centers, medical offices, surgical clinics, imaging centers, veterinary clinics and research suites.

Your permanent modular building or temporary space solution is constructed off-site while your site is being prepared. This allows us time savings as compared to stick-built construction.  Ultimately saving more time on site with our pre-engineered rapid assembly.  This highly efficient modular construction process can be seen in one of our ‘oldies but goodies’ videos featuring Winchester Road Animal Hospital. This project went from order date to “open for business”  in 90 days thanks to Pac-Van’s modular experience.

Additional custom modular project details can be found on Our Modular Projects page.

Ready to lease or purchase from our standard inventory? Looking for more information on custom modular projects? Call us today at 1-800-587-1784, Request for Quote, or Order Online.

*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.