Above Ground Frac Pond Containers are your solution for handling large-scale fluids.

Pac-Van’s portable frac ponds can eliminate the constant transportation back-and-forth of water to your well site. They can also accommodate other above-ground fluid storage needs.

While large in scale, our frac ponds are designed for quick and easy assembly. Once the frac pond panels arrive via a flatbed truck to your site, the assembly process can begin. Our frac pond liners are built to handle various liquids, including fracturing fluids. So no matter your above-ground fluid storage needs, Pac-Van has you covered.

Our frac ponds are available in three sizes- capacities of 16,000 barrels, 30,000 barrels, and 42,000 barrels.

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Video of Frac Pond Installation

Below please find a short video of how frac ponds are installed thanks to the team at our sister company Southern Frac.


  • 16,000 BBL Frac Ponds
    • Capacity: 16,000 bbl
    • Diameter: 97 ft.
    • Sections: 11 sections
  • 30,000 BBL Frac Ponds
    • Capacity: 30,000 bbl
    • Diameter: 132 ft.
    • Sections: 15 sections
  • 42,000 BBL Frac Ponds
    • Capacity: 42,000 bbl
    • Diameter: 159 ft.
    • Sections: 18 sections
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    *Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.