Green Sustainable Modular Buildings & Eco-Friendly Construction

If sustainability is an important component to your upcoming project, Pac-Van has the team and expertise you need.

modular_buildingsThe very nature of our business- the leasing and releasing of used offices, containers and buildings- could be considered one of the original sustainable businesses.  Not only do we relocate and reuse buildings, but we also have the capability to repurpose our sustainable modular buildings when they come off lease to suit a new customer’s exact need.

Interestingly enough, modular commercial building construction is considered more eco-friendly and sustainable than traditional construction for the following reasons:

  • Less material waste. The controlled factory environment where modular buildings are made leads to less waste.  Materials not used are easily recycled or repurposed, decreasing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.
  • Less site disturbance. Off-site modular construction has less disruption, carbon emissions and noise pollution to the building site and surroundings.
  • Less material exposure to inclement weather. Many of the indoor air quality issues that arise with new construction result from high moisture levels in the framing materials.  Because modulars are constructed in a factory controlled setting where dry materials are used, the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the newly constructed facility is greatly reduced.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Because temporary can be expanded and/or relocated, there is very little need to ever tear down and build a new modular building, when less new buildings are constructed, less raw materials are used and less energy is expended.


Pac-Van also engages in these sustainable business practices:


  • Electricity Use – Automatic shut off of computers and printers from server and programmable thermostats
  • Multiple, local manufacturing sources to cut down on transportation costs to our various offices
  • Transportation policy that discourages “dead runs” to save time and fuel, which reduces CO2 emissions


  • Interbranch transfers of code compliant offices between locations as needed in lieu of building or buying new ones
  • All Pac-Van offices and modular buildings are designed and built to be multi-code compliant. This allows us maximum flexibility to share and distribute buildings as needs fluctuate across our branch network instead of buying new buildings each time.
  • Pac-Van  ground-level offices  are constructed of gently used  shipping containers.
  • We buy “one-trippers” and customize them into portable, high-security office and office/storage units.



  • Recycling (paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic, ink cartridges)
  • Our core business is leasing of portable buildings.  Often when mobile offices and modular buildings come off lease, they are modified/customized to suit the next customer’s needs. In fact these modifications are often dramatically different from the original use, thus recycling.

USGBC’s LEED™ Building Rating System and Pac-Van:

Above all green modular building construction offers the ability for LEED Certification to meet with the  U.S. Green Building Council’s  (USGBC’s ) code for sustainable buildings. As a leader in the modular industry, Pac-Van is committed to the growth of awareness for the advantages of modular building applications. Pac-Van has a LEED Green Associate on staff to help advise you on the green modular building options available for your project.