We are always looking to expand so, in recent years, we have completed over 30 acquisitions of companies of varying sizes, thereby adding over 20 new office locations to our service network.  Many of the employees from those companies are now part of the Pac-Van, now part of United Rentals team.

One of our core values at Pac-Van, now part of United Rentals is relationships, or bonds that create value both within and outside of our organization.  In our acquisitions, we look to build a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and yours.

If you feel that your storage or mobile office or modular building operation would be a good addition to Pac-Van’s, now part of United Rentals growing fleet and service network, we are interested in hearing from you.

In our acquisitions, we are willing to consider a purchase of inventory only or the purchase of your entire company.  Throughout the process, we will strive to be as responsive to your inquiries as possible, and we expect the same courtesy in return.

Pac-Van, now part of United Rentals recognizes that confidentiality in these types of proceedings is also of paramount importance to both parties. We will not divulge any information provided to us during this process to undisclosed third-parties.

We understand that every business transaction is different.  Every market is different.  Every brand is different.  We have a flexible and proven process in place for determining an initial value of your inventory or business.

Please contact me, and we will be happy to see if you and your business could be the next addition to the Pac-Van, now part of United Rentals team.

Chris Sinclair
Director, Strategy
United Rentals
Office: (203)618-7124
Cell: (475)205-3060