Pac-Van has worked with a variety of industries to help solve our customers’ bulk liquid storage needs.

Each market sector has different uses for our line of bulk liquid storage products.¬† The below charts detail¬†various applications of how our customers in the following industries use Pac-Van’s tank product line:

  • Pipeline
  • Refinery
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Municipalities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture

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Uses by Industry

  • Pipeline and Refinery
    Pipeline Industry
    • Horizontal directional drilling services
    • Hydrostatic testing of installed pipes
    • Dust control during grading and excavation
    • Water supplies for rehabilitation projects
    • Liquid management systems
    • Pipeline blowdowns that vent to Pac-Van frac tanks
    • Pipeline reversals and valve change-outs
    • Water source pumping and filtration
    • Temporary tank farms
    • Filling pipeline for pressurization
    • Flow metering
    • Final water filtration after hydrostatic testing
    • Pipelin bypass pumping
    • Pressure testing and testing of water tightness of pipelines
    • Tank cleaning
    • Pipeline cleaning
    • Storage of cutter fluids (i.e. cleaning liquids)
    • Storage of crude oil, glycol and demineralized water
    • Buffer storage for blending
    • Storage of water backup for firefighting
    • Storage of the liquid content of the pipeline and fixed storage tank
    Refinery Industry
    • Planned refinery maintenance
    • Cleaning of cooling towers, including sludge pumps
    • Temporary tank storage
    • Dewatering boxes and bag filtration
    • Alkylation and isomerization unit cleaning
    • Catalytic cracker and hydrocracker unit servicing
    • Heat exchanger bundle cleaning
    • Temporary storage of process chemicals and waste
    • Temporary of long-term tank storage for overloaded wastewater treatment plants, sumps and ponds
    • Storage for spent caustics and acids
    • Storage of quench oil and gasoline
    • Storage of organic and inorganic chemical, i.e. hydrosodium, sulfuric chloride, demineralized water, phosphate water, DEA and MEA
    • Storage buffer for off-spec products
    • Containment tanks for leaking pipelines and permanent tanks
    • Plant sewer maintenance
    • Crude and slop tank maintenance and cleaning
    • Cooling tower cleaning
    • Chemical cleaning of process equipment
  • Municipalities and Construction
    Municipalities Industry
    • Temporary water and wastewater storage and filtration
    • Temporary rerouting of water pipelines and entire creeks
    • Sewer bypasses
    • Filtration of hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene (BTEX) and MTBE
    • Filtration of per chlorate and dissolved heavy metals, including zinc and hexavalent chromium
    • Construction and repair of underground utilities
    • Trench shoring systems for utilities, pipeline, sewer pipes and lift stations
    • Blending and delivery of slurry products, such as bentonite
    • Excavation
    • Dewatering and filtration
    • On-site treatment of contaminated groundwater and dredging
    • Storm water storage and treatment of runoff at construction sites
    • Grading dust control systems using temporary water tanks and pre-wet sprinkler piping
    Construction Industry
    • Dewatering
    • Groundwater management
    • Storm water management
    • Trench shoring for construction and repair of pipelines, sewer pipe, lift stations, bore pits, drainage systems, underground utilities, manholes, wet walls and tie-ins (select locations)
    • Environmental remediation sites
    • Horizontal drilling and boring projects
    • Firewater storage with auto-start high head, high volume pumps
    • Grading dust control systems using temporary water tanks, pumps and pre-wet sprinkler piping
    • Temporary water tanks, manifolds, aluminum pre-wet (sprinkler) pipe, sprinklers, pumps and controls
  • Environmental and Oil & Gas
    Environmental Industry
    • Wastewater remediation
    • Groundwater remediation
    • Sediment remediation
    • Temporary storage during plant maintenance (containment for a variety of industrial liquids)
    Oil & Gas Industry
    • On-site fluid containment, including modular tank rental and sales
    • Fluid management
    • Flowback fluid management
    • Gas busters
    • Produced water containment
    • Advanced filtration applications
    • Produced water treatment
    • Filtration of flowback and produced water
  • Manufacturing and Agriculture
    Manufacturing Industry
    • Bypass
    • Emergency maintenance
    Agriculture Industry
    • Irrigation