Is your enrollment up?  Is space bulging at the seams?  Do you need additional space for your office staff?  What about needing more room during renovations?

Pac-Van can help by providing you with high-quality storage and portable school building solutions, as we’ve been doing for other schools and educational institutions for decades.  With our diverse product line of modular classroom buildings, you can count on us to help with situations like:

  • A storage container to house extra furniture or band/sports gear
  • A ground level container office that provides both office space for the facilities/ maintenance team and additional storage space for salt and snow shovels to help kids (and staff alike) safe from the slips and falls of winter weather
  • A mobile office trailer to provide additional workspace for staff during an office renovation
  • A modular press box to take the broadcasting of your athletics to the next level
  • A modular classroom to accommodate for an ever-expanding student population
  • A bulk liquid storage tank to contain displaced groundwater during the construction of new athletic fields on campus

Please note: many standard modular classrooms are in stock and available for immediate delivery to your campus.  We understand your need to remain flexible as there are a lot of moving parts to providing safe, secure, high-quality environments to encourage learning.  When you do business with Pac-Van, you have many choices, including:

  • Permanent or temporary storage and office space solutions
  • Ability to rent or buy
  • Custom or standard designs
  • Various exterior finishes for modular classrooms and offices

Don’t leave your students’ futures in just anyone’s hands.  Pac-Van has the experience you can trust.  We look forward to working with you.

Representative Portable School Building Projects

We work with daycare facilities, school districts, schools, colleges and universities to solve storage and space challenges, providing our full range of products of shipping containers, container offices, mobile office trailers, modular buildings, and bulk liquid storage tanks for lease or for sale.

Please click on any of the below links to learn more about some of Pac-Van’s past modular school building projects:

3-plex Valentine Modular School
4-plex Clearcreek Elementary Modular Classroom Additions
7-plex Litchfield Schools Modular Buildings
8-plex Lamb of God Lutheran Modular School
8-Plex Regis University Modular Office and Laboratories
8-plex Tuba City Schools Alternative Learning Center
10-plex Good Shepherd Modular Classrooms
11-plex Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation Modular Classrooms
14-Plex American Opportunity Foundation Modular Childcare Facility
15-plex Ross Montessori School Modular Building
16-plex Lincoln School Modular Building
16-plex Monroe School District Modular Building
16-plex Walnut Hills Modular Classrooms
20-plex Rocky Mountain Modular Schools
27-Plex DePaul Cristo Hillside Modular Campus
30-plex University of Cincinnati – Wilson Auditorium Modular Building
40-plex Clark County School District Modular Office Complex
High School Band Equipment Storage


Ready to lease or purchase our modular school buildings? Call us today at 1-800-587-1784, Request for Quote, or Order Online.

*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.