Solar Trailers

With Pac-Van’s solar-powered lighting option, you avoid fumbling around in dark containers or searching for a light source.

One flip of a switch and the whole container is lit.  Solar containers with interior lighting help keep workers safe when it’s time to gather the equipment, tools and supplies needed to complete the job.

Check out our solar lighting video below showing how you can keep your team members productive and safe, especially if they’re working in low light, before dawn or after the sun sets for the day.

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Solar Trailer Unit Features

Solar lit container features include:

  • Up to 8 hours of light on a full charge
  • Lights placed throughout the container to avoid shadows
  • Convenient surface mount switch
  • Available for rent or for purchase
  • Solar panel placed on the roof of the storage container
  • 32 foot light strip with 600 LED’s
  • Charge controller ensures against battery overcharging

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.