Have questions about refrigerated cold storage containers?

Do I need diesel fuel to run the container?

No. The containers are insulated and equipped with an “all electric” cooling system which makes them a great alternative to a diesel trailer.  There are no diesel charges or engine run-time charges added.

How do I monitor the temperature inside the unit?

Depending on the application and container setup, it may be helpful to install a thermometer to monitor both return and discharge air temperature.  This helps monitor highly-sensitive perishable items.  A service technician can provide assistance with this installation.

If I have multiple products to load into the container every day, should I turn the temperature down to keep the stored items cooler?

No.  Actually, the insulated walls of the container will keep items cold for many hours and the unit should always be turned OFF when the doors are open.  A plastic curtain may be installed to keep cool air inside when the doors are open.

Will a refrigerated container freeze my fresh bakery items?

Eventually, but a refrigerated container is designed to maintain temperatures of 0 degrees to 70 degrees.  They are not designed to freeze items that are not already frozen.

Can I set a container inside my warehouse?

Yes.  You will need to have space around all sides of the container for adequate air flow and a device placed at the rear of the unit for water drainage that may accumulate during the defrost cycle.

What if I need the container to be at dock height so that I can load it from my warehouse?

We can provide a chassis (at an additional charge) that will bring the container to dock height.  Call your sales representative for a schedule of delivery charges.

Can you deliver my refrigerated container to my home?

Yes.  We have many different types of delivery trucks and trailers to accommodate all types of delivery needs.  We can deliver to almost any location in the PNW and beyond.

What kind of power do I need for the refrigerated container?

The refrigerated containers require either 230V or 460V 3-phase power to operate efficiently.  Please see our Electrical Requirements tab for more detailed information.

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.