Please review the following electrical requirements prior to the container delivery.  If you have any questions or concerns, have your electrician contact us at 844-388-5222.

Reefer units require a three-phase electrical system with a supply voltage of 440/460 volts.

  • Some units are available with three-phase 208/230 volt transformers.
  • Units are available to run on 50 or 60 Hz.
  • The power supply must be grounded and have circuit breakers with a minimum of 30 amps.  For power supplies using 208/230 volts, then the circuit breakers must have a minimum of 50 amps.
  • Electrical system supports a voltage variance of (+) or (-) 15 percent.
  • Standard units are delivered with a 460-volt cable and an ISO standard CEE power plug (59 feet/18 meters).  The 230-volt cable does not have a power plug.
  • Refrigerated containers must be protected from electrical power surges. The unit is equipped with internal circuit breakers in case of power surges. The 460-volts circuit breaker (CB1) trips at 29 amps and the 230-volts circuit breaker (CB2) trips at 50 amps. The unit contains fuses that protect the fan motors and control circuits. Internal circuit breakers do not eliminate the need for protection at the electrical supply side. Circuit breakers and surge protectors at the electrical source are mandatory.
  • Do not arc weld on any components of the container or to any metal or conductive material on which the container is sitting. The electronic circuits of the unit’s microprocessor control system are very sensitive.

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