45’ Portable Job Box45’ Job Box

  • Siding material: aluminum
  • Roofing material: aluminum
  • Electric service: 100 amp
  • Ext. lighting: no
  • Door(s): (1) 36”x80” FRP
  • Closer(s): no
  • Chain(s): yes
  • Windows(s): no
  • Interior wall finish: woodgrain plywood
  • Flooring: original wood
  • Front desk: no
  • Front shelf: no
  • #Files front: no
  • Rear desk: no
  • Rear shelf: no
  • #Files rear: no
  • Plan table(s): no

Floor plans are not drawn to scale. There may be slight variations in floor plans, furnishings, and dimensions. Please call to confirm availability of our portable job box.