12 x 64 Sales Office with 1 Restroom and 2 Private Offices

12 x 68 Sales Office with 1 Restroom and 2 Private Offices









  • Hitch (nose): Allow 4′
  • Siding material: Smart panel Roofing material: Rubber
  • Electric service: 125
  • Ext. lighting: front and rear
  • Door(s): (2) 36″x80″ steel with window Closer(s): yes
  • Chain(s): no
  • Windows(s): (10) 46″x27″ with blinds Interior wall finish: Vinyl covered paneling Flooring: Carpet and vinyl floor tile
  • Front desk: no
  • Front shelf: no
  • #Files front: no
  • Rear desk: no
  • Rear shelf: no
  • #Files rear: no
  • Plan table(s): no
  • Transport Code: 4AX-P-SP-RR-BD

All information shown is based on a specific unit currently in stock. Actual floor plan, interior dimensions, electrical requirements, flooring, wall material(s), and accessories may vary depending on unit and accessory availability at time of order.