12 x 44 Mobile Office with 1 Restroom

Pac-Van works with you to learn your needs and find you the most functional interior layout for your construction office trailer or mobile office.

• 576 sq. ft.
• 12’x44
• Add 4’ for nose (hitch)
• Private office space
• Storage closet
• Restroom
• HVAC unit

Pac-Van’s standard mobile office trailer rentals range from 8 x 24 feet to 12 x 60 feet, have built-in file cabinets and drawers and are:

  • Thoroughly cleaned, reconditioned and guaranteed
  • Fully and recently weatherproof tested
  • Built with heavy steel construction and have aluminum siding (or, in our West Coast region, wood siding)

Due to floor plans are not drawn to scale. There may be slight variations in floor plans, furnishings, and dimensions. Please call to confirm availability.

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