Project Capsule: United Shores Professional Baseball League Merchandise Kiosk

This 40’ shipping container kiosk was designed for customers to be able to walk in, browse through merchandise and to make their purchases. The concept allows for the four 4’ container doors to USPBL EXT ‎With Merchremain open, making the interior appear more spacious while allowing the client’s merchandise to be displayed on both the interior and exterior of the container. The interior walls have shelving and wire racks for product display. The side doors can fold flat against the container or can be connected to one another to create a triangular display. A point-of-sale window was installed and is located directly behind the sale counter. Lighting, electrical outlets and two attic vents were added. The vents allow air to circulate through the container, which helps keep the interior cool without the need for air conditioning. The interior walls were painted white, and the floors were painted with a non-slip epoxy coating. The exterior was painted black to match the primary colors of the ballpark.
Repurposing a shipping container was an ideal and cost-effective solution for the client, because it allowed them to upgrade their retail space, giving their customers access to their product, allowing for easy relocation in the case of ballpark modifications and securing their merchandise when the container is not in use. Choosing to use a shipping container allowed them to eliminate costs like site planning, construction permits, site development, and construction labor. By utilizing the floor and container jack to set the container flush to the ground, the need for a crane or forklift was eliminated which saved the customer on setup costs. Overall, this project gave our client the space they needed, provided some additional benefits that they didn’t anticipate upfront, all the while keeping the cost minimal.

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