Madison Mallards

Project Capsule: Madison Mallards Great Dane Duck Blind & Suites

Made from 36 cut containers, Great Dane Duck Blind & Suites now hosts a three-tiered general admission “Duck Blind” area that offers better sight-lines and additional seating will improve the game-watching experience. The 7,500 square-foot area holds up to 700 guests and runs parallel to the foul line on the first base side. The first tier of the suites is a field-level area that features entertainment space and a bar. The bar features expanded views and an additional three tiers for added spectator visibility. Climate-controlled suites and an outside seating area occupy the second level. The third level includes an indoor/outdoor patio for added visitor enjoyment, while the fourth floor features a roof-top suite. A 40’ refrigerated unit was added to the structure and was modified in order to serve beer from tappers to patrons.

The Great Dane Duck Blind & Suites was awarded the Best Ballpark Improvement (Over $1M) by Ballpark Digest.

The layout and design was aimed at accommodating as many visitors for baseball games and special events. All available space from top to bottom was utilized for maximum efficiency to keep up with demand and to provide an industrial look and feel.

The ballpark was out of date and was not equipped to hold a growing number of fans. This customer was motivated to move quickly on this project, as the upcoming baseball season was right around the corner. By building with shipping containers, Pac-Van helped the customer save on both time and cost. The durability of these containers ensures that the new “Duck Blind” area will last for many years; the containers’ ability to be stacked means they can continue to easily expand the ballpark if and when necessary.

This type of building offering the time savings and restricted construction area could only be accomplished with modular.

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