2-Plex Gahanna High School Modular Press Box

Project Capsule: Gahanna High School Modular Press Box

Pac-Van custom-built high school mobile press box adds to the view both on and off the field.

This 900 sq. ft. high school modular press box was constructed to add more seating and create an enhanced viewing experience. The two-piece building is 90 feet long overall and 10 feet wide offering a main control box, two coach’s boxes, and a suite on each end. The wood-trimmed 60×48” windows allow for extraordinary viewing of any sporting event and are slanted at a slight angle to prevent any glare. There is roof access for camera crews to tape events surrounded by a 10×20’ railing. The mobile press box was placed just behind the bleachers 35’ off the ground on a steel structure. Built-in counter tops offer ease and comfort in sports reporting.

Two cranes were used to lift each module to its specific location. During placement, the buildings were welded on several points. All engineering was planned to keep weight to a minimum including the decision to use aluminum siding. The deadline for this project was very strict because the building and all items associated with this project had to be installed before the first scheduled event. Using modular building construction offered the school district the time and budget savings to accommodate their space needs.

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