2-plex Danville Schools Modular Press Box Football Danville, IN Indiana

Project Capsule: Danville Schools Modular Press Box

Modular press box sports and recreation facilities: Quick, cost-effective permanent or temporary solutions.

This 340 sq ft stackable Modular press box was constructed for the Danville High School Football field. The structure is comprised of 2 separate units, 1-10×30 and 1-8×10. This unit was shipped and crane lifted into place the same day. It sits high atop a structural steel mezzanine built just behind the existing bleachers.

Features include an interior stair to a Hatch Door, which opens onto the top deck. The interior provides workspace and electrical hook up for the press along the entire length of the unit, and another 18’ of locking storage doubling as a platform for second row seating inside. The top unit is equipped with a Raynor Roll door for camera use, and 2 exterior steel doors.

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