3-plex Z Best Cars Modular Sales Office

Project Capsule: Z Best Cars Modular Container Sales Office

Z Best Cars, a national used car dealer, needed an economical solution for their expanding number of sales offices. A customized 1,440 sq. ft. modular building provided the perfect solution. It is fast and easy to duplicate offering a consistent look for all their locations.

Local codes specify this container sales office needed to be a permanent structure and consistent with existing structures. Brick was applied from the base of the building to the top of the windows and doors. The sloped roof allows water to flow from front to back. The parapet with cornice is attached to a reinforced front, which was needed to support the large illuminated sign. One office has a pass-thru bullet-resistant window and keypad door for safety.

Custom items such as cabinets, red-framed interior/exterior windows, keypad-controlled doors, and bullet-resistant glass was supplied to accommodate the customer’s needs. All conduits extend to the ceiling to allow for the routing of wire to and from the designated IT closet. The pit-set of this building eliminates the need for decks and ramps. The building exterior is hardi-panel and brick for a low maintenance product.

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