3-plex St. Sharbel Modular Church
Project Capsule: St. Sharbel Modular Church

St. Sharbel modular church building consists of three 14’x60′ modules to form the 42’x60′ space. Renovated for use as a chapel for a Maronite Catholic church, this unique prefab church building is placed next to existing mobile classrooms and is situated close to an on-site, stick-built building. A meditation garden separates the structures.

The exterior features EIFS, faux stone, and crown molding. A bell tower is placed on the prefab church building over a mosaic of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper that came from the Holy Land. All entry doors were handcrafted by a metal design firm and are powder coated with an antique finish. The interior features stone meditation rooms and altar, faux stone flooring, TT&P walls with faux finish, and cedar-lined ceilings. The HVAC ducting is surface mounted which raises the ceiling line throughout the sanctuary. The altar is raised and individual, upholstered sanctuary chairs with kneelers allow for seating. Windows and doors coordinate with arched tops and tie into the rustic, “Old World” theme.

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