Dairy Processing Modular Building Grande Cheese

Project Capsule: Dairy Processing Complex

This complex is comprised of twelve 8 ’x 48’ shipping containers with six units on the ground floor level, six units on the second floor, and an interior stairwell. The first floor includes a large open space which can serve as a large conference room. It also boasts four private offices, two ADA accessible restrooms, a janitor’s closet/mechanical room, a small kitchen, and an administrative area with a waiting room. The second floor includes four private offices, a large bullpen area for departmental groups, a separate conference room space, and a data closet.

A containerized structure was critical for this application because the customer was limited on the location of this expansion. The building came complete with all the amenities they required. It was fully insulated with fluorescent lighting, designer wallboard, commercial grade carpeting, windows for natural lighting, and data locations for their communications systems. The 48’ x 70’ modular building houses the lunch room, locker rooms, and restrooms.

The customer was limited on space to expand because of steep terrain; this meant they had to build up, instead of out. Pac-Van was able to provide the customer with the space they needed for their personnel.  A crane was used to lift the second-floor units on 6’ pillars to level them onto their building.

By using containers and by refurbishing an older office complex, Pac-Van was able to save its customers thousands of dollars.  Because the customer could rent a relocatable office space, the customer did not have to rent or purchase a permanent structure. 

This type of storage container building offering the time savings and restricted construction area could only be accomplished with modular.

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