3-plex Rhea County Modular Medical Center

Project Capsule: Rhea County Medical Modular Building

This medical modular building took care of the immediate need for this doctor’s office in a timely manner. By keeping the design of the modular simple yet providing the customer with a professional looking building. The exterior design lends itself to the landscape while matching the existing hospital on site.

The 2,160 sq. ft. building contains multiple exam rooms, a waiting/reception room, and a centrally located nurse’s station. The doctor’s office has a private shower/restroom. A custom carpet was installed in this large office after setup. All the exam rooms have overhead cabinets and sinks. The reception and collection rooms have 36×36 sliding glass windows for interacting with patients. The floor plan was designed with a circular flow of patients in mind.

The exterior of the building is a stucco hard-panel with a rubber roof and is painted to match the hospital that is located across the parking lot. The main entrance into the building is at ground level and gives the modular a “pit set” look. Ultimately 36×60’ modular building is actually a “pier set” which allows for relocation if needed.

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