16-plex Lifepoint Modular Medical Office

Project Capsule: Lifepoint Modular Medical Office

Lifepoint Modular Medical Office is a 10,600 sq foot modular healthcare building in Cleveland, MS. It contains exam rooms, private offices, an x-ray room, an audiology room, restrooms and storage rooms.

Fire rated walls separate the offices from each other. In addition, the radiology room was built with a double truss, therefore, accommodating the weight of the x-ray equipment. Lead lined walls were added onsite and custom finishes to the rooms occurred after the installation of the equipment.

In order to achieve ADA compliance, the prefabricated facility was constructed with a pit set and retaining wall. A block foundation adds support and moreover eliminates any potential erosion. For moisture control, a blower system was installed at one end of the building and louvers at the other to allow airflow under the building. The Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) exterior finish increased the energy efficiency R rating of the building. Therefore, the building requires less energy to heat and cool, ultimately providing utility cost savings of over 20%.

The timely completion of this complex also allowed the doctors to open the facility quickly.

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