1-plex Hall Ambulance Modular Office

Project Capsule: Hall Ambulance Modular Office

Hall Ambulance Modular Office is a single wide modular building that was custom built as extra office space for an ambulance company that was quickly outgrowing its office building. The site allowed for the office building to be pit set at ground level. By using the same color of paint and fabric awnings over the windows, the unit has exterior finishing that blends with the existing building on the same site. Because this modular unit was set to ground level, no steps or ramps were needed. This allowed the building to be completely ADA accessible.

The cost of this building is 1/3 less than that of a stick-built building at the same location. The unit is easily relocatable making it a more cost-effective solution for future growth. By utilizing a previously used building, the Hall Ambulance modular unit created less of an overall footprint. The original building from 2000 was renovated to “like new” and used fewer materials than if the unit was built from scratch. cost-effective as the hospital continues to grow and expand.

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