1-plex Fountain Valley Hyperbaric Chamber Module

Project Capsule: Fountain Valley Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Module

This single-wide custom portable hyperbaric chamber module is currently providing extra space for a growing hospital. The exterior of the building blends in with existing structures. To accommodate two portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers, there is a 140 lb floor load and it is set low to the ground. In addition to the room that holds the chambers, the unit houses one ADA compliant restroom and a technician’s office.

By utilizing a single wide modular unit, construction was, of course, minimal and was done offsite in a factory. Features of this building include LED Lighting and ADA Ramps. The building conforms to industry standards in air quality for housing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber without requiring extensive renovations to the hospital.

The cost of this building is 1/3 less than that of a stick-built building at the same location. Because of its overall size and low to the ground installation, the unit is easily relocatable and, therefore, more
cost-effective as the hospital continues to grow and expand.

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