13-plex Nye County, NV Modular Government Office

Project Capsule: Nye County, NV Modular Government Office

This 12,600 sq foot commission chambers was built using modular construction with the intent of lowering operating costs and getting more building for the budgeted funds.

The permanent modular building features 200 theater seats set on a sloped floor. In addition, the break room is outfitted with 20’ of custom cabinetry. The interior walls are taped, textured and painted. The hallways are 6’ wide and have skylights to enhance lighting. The exterior has multilevel parapets topped with wide crown molding. Aluma-wood canopies define the entries with stone embellishments and columns.

Energy efficiency and insulation were important factors so the thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof with 2” foam insulation was added. Therefore each room contains motion-sensor lighting to decrease energy use and achieve operational cost savings. The electrical system utilizes a transformer to convert three-phase power to single-phase and maximize energy savings even more. The monthly energy bill for this 12,600 sq foot building was approximately $400 (during summer months in NV), which is a savings of over 50%. The site had expansive soils, therefore the building was set using helical piers to resist upward forces from expansion. Using this innovative method of support saved time and money.

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