4-plex Clearcreek Elementary Modular Classroom Additions

Project Capsule: Clearcreek Elementary Modular Classroom Additions

The Clearcreek Elementary School project comprises of four modules. Each module is 16’x68′, and configured into four large 30’x30′ classrooms and a hallway. A custom glass corridor was built that connects the modular addition to the existing school structure. Each modular classroom has four large windows which ultimately allowing for natural light. For the exterior treatment, our team color-matched the masonry, scuppers, downspouts and metal trim to the existing school structure.

Pac-Van ensure the community that the structure would blend in aesthetically with the rest of the facility. Because the exterior facade is an exact match to the existing school structure, the client and residents of the community are unable to tell the difference in buildings and are extremely pleased with the results of the project. For a visual reference, please note the modular portion of the Clearcreek Elementary School is left of the doorway in the attached exterior photo.

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