3-plex Valentine Modular School

Project Capsule: Valentine Modular School

The Valentine modular school was designed to meet the needs of a small rural school with a varied enrollment and a variety of disciplines. The design allows for the rooms to be used as a library, classrooms, or meeting area for the small community. The 18′ of upper and lower cabinets offer storage and space to prepare food. The taped, textured and painted interior walls extend to a nine-foot height. The entry hallway is adjacent to male and female restrooms, conveniently located for use by each room. Custom carpet completes the inviting interior. The building is pit set on a stem wall foundation with weld plates for anchoring. A series of sidewalks provide accessibility and are adjoined by a roomy, fenced-in play yard. The cost of the project was estimated to be more than 30% less than traditional construction methods and was still delivered in under 65 days.

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