15-plex Ross Montessori School Modular Building Ross Montessori Modular School Building

Project Capsule: Ross Montessori Modular School Building

This 15-plex modular school was designed for the Ross Montessori School. In a mere 19 days, Pac-Van was able to deliver and install over 11,376 square feet of building space allowing the school to open on time. The innovative “H” design has 8 classrooms that each attach to the school’s central 1500 sf common area. Each classroom has 1080 sf with (2) 4×4 windows, an exterior door, and is covered in 2/3 carpet & 1/3 tile. Ten rooftop HVAC units were installed to allow for separate zones for each classroom.

Although this was intended to be a permanent building, the design does allow for the building to be broken up into (5) 3-plex units, should the need arise.


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