Lincoln Academy School

Project Capsule: Lincoln Academy School

This 15-plex modular building was designed in the shape of an “H” to allow its eight classrooms to have direct access to the 1,500 square foot common area. Each classroom consists of 1,080 square feet and includes lockers, two windows, an exterior door, and a sink with water fountain. Carpet tiles cover 960 square feet and vinyl tiles cover the remaining 120 square feet. The vinyl tiles lead students into the classrooms from the outside and to the common area from their lockers. There are two offices just inside the main double exterior doors. Two ADA accessible restrooms are located down the hall from the offices.  In the common area, there is also a janitor closet with a mop sink and crawl space access. There is a 6’ tall mansard around the entire modular with concealed scuppers and downspouts.

One of the main issues with the site was the limited amount of power available. Gas-heated HVAC systems reduced the power requirements needed to run this modular by 625 AMPs.  There was not an accessible road to the location where the customer wanted to place the modular building, so a crane was brought in to make the 90 degree turn around the building.  Trucks were positioned on each side of the building to move the sections into place. Although this was intended to be a permanent building, the design does allow for the building to be broken up into five separate 3-plex units, should the need arise.

This type of portable school building offers the time savings and restricted construction area that could only be accomplished with modular.

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