Project Capsule: Masons Bend Residential Modular Sales Office

Nestled on top of a hill, this project is comprised of a 1560 square foot sales center and 1000 square foot design center. The building’s (4) offices, (2) bathrooms, kitchen, sales office, and design center are partitioned by full, floor-to-ceiling glass panes. Fielding Homes was looking for an open, bright and airy space so the ceilings were built at 9” and there is LED recessed lighting throughout both buildings. In addition, sun tunnel tubular skylights were installed allowing natural sunlight to come through. The wood flooring, light paint, and modern furniture keep to the design standards set for the Mason Bend development. Both buildings feature 36”x80”, 72”x80” and 48”x48” commercial glass windows. The sales center was designed to invite a calm and inviting experience for the client during the home buying process. The design center layout allows the client to easily choose finishes for their new home since all options are laid out in front of them.

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