4-plex Carothers Modular Sales Office

Project Capsule: Carothers Modular Sales Office

This 2,688 sq. ft. multi-office sales center was designed with a living room setting and reception area with the cozy feeling of a country home in the hills of Tennessee. The reception and sales area have hardwood floors, crown molding and custom lights. The exterior is earth-toned hardi-panel to compliment the existing landscape. The offices have small rectangular windows down each side of the building creating a custom exterior look. The pitched, metal roof and porch are supported by large columns, and the back deck is open to allow for a view of the home sites.

A quality product was needed to set a standard for the project location. The building was shipped with decking only so custom flooring could be added upon arrival. Painting, crown molding, track lighting, and custom interior lights were also completed on site. The additional landscaping and walkways add to the beauty of the exterior.

All engineering and layout of the structures were done in a manner to allow for relocation if needed. There were many homebuilders on site but a modular structure was the quickest and most cost effective solution. The contractors on site were able to complete the custom, on-site finishes which further reduced costs.

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