2-plex Tadano Cranes Exhibit Modular Building Space
Project Capsule: Tadano Cranes’ Exhibit Modular Building Space

Tadano Cranes’ exhibit modular building space at the Con Expo Show in Las Vegas showcased their product line effectively with limited space. The design of Pac-Van’s standard 24’x44’ sales office suited their needs. The compact layout of the building allowed for three private conference spaces and a large display area. The open area included a custom serving bar in addition to a continuous display of cabinets along one wall. The separated french entry doors helped to no doubt ease entry and exit. The building was made accessible by a ramp on the side and a wide staircase in the front of the building.

By using a standard modular building, Tadano was also able to allay the high cost of convention space and constructing a custom modular commercial building to fit their booth space. The building took a total of three days to install and two days to dismantle. With the interior and exterior adorned in custom logos, Tadano had the advantage of great brand recognition. Additionally, this modular space offered comfortable and affordable convention space, and an aesthetically pleasing, accommodating atmosphere.

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