10-plex Vegas 888 Modular Sales Office 7

Project Capsule: Vegas 888 Modular Sales Office

This modular inplant office is comprised of 10 modules of varying ceiling heights. Through the use of a telescoping roof, key areas of the ceiling system feature a slope from 16’ to 10’ and are finished with wood planking. A focal point of the building is the system of plasma screens that dominate the entry area, displaying features of the condos. Full sized models of actual kitchens and bathrooms were incorporated in the design. A series of angled walls create entrances to all offices. The glass entrance is made up of 40’ of glazed glass, which includes a frameless glass foyer. The exterior of the building has a custom wrap which portrays a modern take on the project name. A 40’ wide staircase at the glass facade accentuates the entry experience.

While the special features of the building added to the cost, cost savings is estimated at 60% over the alternative of using a stick framed building. The framing is made up of 2 X 6 wood studs, which allowed R-19 insulation in the exterior walls. The roof mounted HVAC system combined with R-30 roof insulation is the most energy efficient method for climate control in the desert climate. In addition, the exterior of the building has 2” foam with a coating of EIFS to finish the exterior sidewalls. This modular can be relocated with relative cost effectiveness & will retain its value for many years.

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