Pac-Van works with you to learn your needs and find the right cargo container to meet them.

Regardless of whether you need one 10′ mini cargo container for a month, or 50 40′ cargo containers for a year for large construction project, Pac-Van is here to make your life easier by providing efficient and economical space. People refer to our cargo containers by a number of names, such as industrial containers, conex boxes, sea containers, and storage containers. Regardless of what you call them, our weather-proof, vandal-proof cargo containers are 14-gauge all-steel. Each container is equipped with cam rods and wood floors.

Pac-Van works with a multitude of industry to help meet their cargo container needs. Cargo containers have been used in the sports and recreation world to store additional supplies and equipment before the big tournament. Construction crews use the cargo container on the jobsite to house things like tools, lumber and safety material. The cargo container provide the education sector the opportunity to store their extra furniture and band/sports equipment. In preparation for holiday season the cargo container provides the retail sector space for their increase in inventory.

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*Please note: Pac-Van will move loaded containers and/or store loaded containers on our property in select locations.