Do you ever wonder where firefighters train and how they learn to fight fires and save lives?

Storage containers are becoming well known for their ability to be modified to fit a variety of industries and situations. Fire departments and training academies are choosing to create custom fire training container facilities and burn rooms out of modified shipping containers. These facilities equip firefighters with the capability to better train in real-life scenarios with the necessary safety guards in place. Departments can use these fire training facilities to learn fire behavior such as fire growth, flashover, rollover, and backdraft as well as practice fire-reduction and rescue techniques.

The use of containers as fire training buildings has gained wide acceptance in the fire service industry because these structures are both customizable and economical.

These buildings are designed like the legos we all played with as kids; they are essentially steel blocks that can be linked together in almost any shape or design. By being customizable, these conex fire training towers can be fabricated to meet the customer’s unique training needs. Building with shipping containers means the design can easily grow over time.

One benefit to building a fire training facility out of shipping containers is the cost-efficiency. These containers are made of reinforced steel making them fireproof so they can be used multiple times. Custom storage containers are also portable and can be replaced over the years with ease.

Pac-Van’s Indianapolis branch has recently been working with the Warsaw-Wayne Fire Department to build a one-story live fire training facility. The facility will benefit all of Indiana Fire District 2, which includes St. Joseph, Elkhart, Starke, Marshall, Kosciusko, Pulaski and Fulton counties.

The facility will consist of three shipping containers fused together. Internally the structure will simulate an average home with walls, doors and windows. Check out our floor plan below for specifications on this fire training building.

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Department Fire Training Facility

The Warsaw-Wayne Fire Department came to Pac-Van in September 2016 with the need for a fire training facility. We began modifications (or “Phase One” of the project) on March 13, 2017, and completed all modifications on April 21, 2017.  The next phase will include loading and moving the facility to Warsaw, Indiana.

Installation is slated for Fall 2017.


Below please see our photo slide show of the first phase of this project.


Stay tuned for the next phase of this project!


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