Pinnacle Round Bottom Frac TankHave you ever seen a Pac-Van liquid storage tank and wondered what they’re being used for?

The answer is that our bulk liquid storage tanks – including frac tanks, weir tanks, vac boxes, sludge tanks, etc.- are the tough and reliable industrial liquid storage container solution to contain most liquid storage needs.

Construction firms might use a liquid storage container tank for things like:
• Dewatering
• Groundwater management
• Stormwater management
• Dust management
• Hydroblasting

Recently, one of our excavating company customers came to us because they were needing somewhere to store groundwater that they were pulling out of old wells. They contacted their sales representative and leased one of our 21,000 gallon (or 500 bbl) external manifold tanks to hold that groundwater until the project was complete.

21,000 Gallon External Manifold Tank

Common uses for a liquid storage tank from our customers in the energy and manufacturing sectors include:
• Systems and process bypass
• Emergency maintenance
• Cleaning of equipment
• Chemical storage*

Our power plant customers oftentimes will use multiple 500 barrel (bbl) external manifold tanks for soil condition, dust control, and systems purges during outages.

500 Barrel Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

Oil and gas companies use our frac tanks for:
• Frac water storage
• Drilling and mud management
• Mud and water separation
• Produced water containment

Environmental firms contact Pac-Van about leasing our liquid storage containers for the following uses:
• Wastewater remediation
• Groundwater remediation
• Sediment remediation
• Collection and storage of various types of environmental spills*

Frac Tank Being Transported

As you can see, frac tanks can offer many opportunities for liquid storage for many different types of customers across many different sectors. No matter what your bulk liquid container storage needs are, Pac-Van is here to help. Reach us today through our Contact Us form or by calling 1-800-587-1784 where you will be routed to your local tank expert.

*Prior to tank usage, your sales representative will need to understand what type of chemical you’re wanting to store in the tanks, as some chemicals need to have specially lined tanks that can withstand chemical corrosiveness.