PacVan Large Conex Box

You’ve decided you need a storage container and you’ve begun doing research on types of shipping containers.  Looking at websites, you have found steel storage containers for rent.  You’ve also found shipping containers for sale.  On top of all of that, you’ve found cargo containers, conex boxes (or connex boxes), seacans, ISO containers, ocean containers… the list goes on and on!  What is the difference between the types of shipping containers?  Is one better for you?

From Pac-Van’s perspective, they all mean the same thing.  All of our cargo containers are made from 14-gauge corrugated steel sides and roof with 14-gauge steel cam-locking doors, qualifying them as heavy-duty equipment.  These steel storage containers are safe and secure.

PacVan Shipping Container

So how do you determine what is best for you? First, you must decide if you only need this shipping container for a limited amount of time (thereby wanting to rent it) or if you want to purchase it outright.  We have the inventory and availability to lease a wind and waterproof storage container to you for a month or two, or even for several years, depending on the length of your project.  Need it permanently?  We are happy to discuss a direct sale of the container to you.  Our sales representatives can discuss the types of shipping containers that we have in stock for sale or you can view the inventory at your nearest Pac-Van location by clicking here.

Now it’s time to consider whether you’re interested in new (or one-trip) containers or used shipping containers.  You can look at a new, or one-trip container that will be very close to being in perfect condition, with very minimal wear and tear.  The only noticeable wear might be from its initial transport from the manufacturer to our Pac-Van office location.  You can also look at used containers, refurbished containers, cargo worthy containers, and “as is” containers.  All of these containers have been used for projects in the past and might have some noticeable wear and tear, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they are not solid units. Our sales representatives will be happy to discuss your needs and show you options that solve your storage or office space challenges.

PacVan Large Cargo Container

The last consideration, after determining whether you want to rent or buy and after you decide new versus used, will be what size of container you are needing and what can fit in the space you have available.  Our standard storage containers are 20’ and 40’ however, we have some locations that, should you have a unique need, have the ability to look at custom sizes, such as 16’, 24’, and 53’, to name a few.  Many of our branch locations have a modification (or ‘mod’) shop that can take a shipping container and modify it into whatever you need; for more information on the kinds of shipping container modifications we can do, please click here.

Don’t be concerned when you see so many different names for the same thing.  As with any industry, there might be regionally or company preferences for a specific term.  But please note that whatever your preference is- whether storage container, shipping container, steel storage container, cargo containers- Pac-Van can help solve your storage and office space needs.  Contact us to find out more about types of shipping containers and to speak to one of our storage experts today.