Get the most out of your storage container with customized storage container shelves.

From construction sites to super centers, shipping containers are leased or purchased for a several reasons.

The number one- or most apparent- reason is for additional storage.

There are several benefits to using custom storage containers as a storage solution.

•  A shipping container is the perfect answer if the space you are using is insufficient, crammed and/or filled to capacity. Storage containers come in multiple sizes to fit individual needs. Most are 8’ wide, while the height and length vary.

•  These conex containers are mobile, thereby eliminating the inconvenience and irritation of having to drive to an offsite storage facility to access your items. They can be placed on almost any flat surface and can even be stacked one on top of another.

•  Shipping containers are weather-proof. Made of 14-gauge steel, shipping containers can handle extreme wind and a double lip door seal makes them water tight.

•  Mobile shipping containers are safe and secure. All Pac-Van storage containers are equipped with four cam rods and two padlock hasps. In addition, supplemental, virtually indestructible rod locks can be provided, as well as interior/exterior lights, alarm systems and temperature controls.

•  Shipping containers can be easily customized in a multitude of ways to meet your needs. From flooring, wall covering, storage systems to roll-up doors, the options are endless… but today we’re going to be talking about shelving options.

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•  One way to keep your storage container neat and in order is to add custom shelving. It helps to utilize all areas of your shipping container and is a great solution to maximize space.

•  Adding storage container shelves to your shipping container is a great way to stay organized and keep your container clutter free. Items you prefer off the ground can be sorted, stored, and organized on container shelving. Instead of having your stuff piled up in boxes, or strewn from one end of your storage container to the other, shelving removes the frustration of searching for items.

•  Select Pac-Van branches can equip your container with shelving prior to delivery. We can help configure your shelving to meet your storage needs and requirements. The shipping container shelves hang from the interior “D” rings of the container, and no interior and exterior modifications are needed. The shelves are fully adjustable and can easily be removed.

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