Pac-Van offers industrial storage and modular building products for both light and heavy industries. For those in the industrial and manufacturing sector, we recognize you have specific requirements when it comes to storage and space solutions.

We provide a wide variety of structures, from modular offices to guard shacks and in-plant office space. Our products are available for sale or lease and can be permanent or temporary. Explore how we can help you when you need to expand rapidly.

Industrial Use Cases for Modular Buildings and Containers

Whether within your facility or outside of it, we’ve got the answer to your expansion needs. Here are a few ways our products can deliver the space you require at your facility.


Industrial Projects: Helping Manufacturing with Modular Buildings

We’ve worked with many different companies on industrial projects. Our expert team delivers specific products, designed for an intended use.

Here are some examples of how industrial organizations use our structures.

Check out this 1-plex Resolution Copper modular guard shack. Another example is the 4-plex New Page employee modular locker room. We also provided storage containers for Circuit of the Americas.

Ready to see how a Pac-Van solution can provide modular and mobile space solutions for your manufacturing company? Call us at 1-800-587-1784request a quote, or order online today.