Modified steel storage containers

If you are looking for a safe and secure storage option, look no further than a Pac-Van storage container. However, these containers aren’t only for storage. The opportunities are virtually endless. If you can dream it, Pac-Van can help make it a reality. Container modifications are just one of the many options we offer. Many of our branches have modification (or ‘mod’) shops to take a normal shipping container and turn it into a modified office, shop, restroom… and much, much more.

In the construction industry, we know your days start early – a lot of times before the sun comes up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have lighting inside your on-site construction trailer? How about at the end of the day, when the sun has already set? We know it would be beneficial to be able to put your tools away without having to also hold a flashlight. We have the ability to install electrical or solar lighting, both inside and outside of the container. Check out our solar lighting video here. After the work is done, lock up the booth with 14-gauge steel cam-locking doors so everything inside is safe and secure.

Storage can sometimes be tricky. In the plumbing industry, an uncut pipe measures in at just over 21’. Those can’t be stored in a 20’ container without being cut, but a 40’ container leaves a lot of space empty, and sometimes your job site just can’t fit a 40’ container. Your solution is a Pac-Van Plumber’s Box. This is a modified 20’ storage container with a 2’ by 4’ extension added to one end, effectively making this a 22’ container. The inside is equipped with a racking system for your pipes, but can be folded and secured flush to the side walls when not in use.

Extended 20ft storage container

Do you need a break room at your plant? We have experience combining containers to make a 900+ square foot facility for your employees to take a break and have lunch. Customizations include a commercial grade HVAC unit to offer relief from the elements, running water for both a kitchen area and restroom, and built-in furniture for your staff’s comfort.

Pac-Van has partnered to produce several unique container modification projects for various clients across the United States. At times, the client’s engineers provide the initial engineered drawings, and the Pac-Van service teams implement specifications to modify the containers. On occasion it may take several meetings to work through the specifications due to the unique qualities of the design. The below images are from a custom container modification created for a leader in on-site gaseous nitrogen generation systems.

Custom container for gaseous nitrogen generation systems

As you can see, storage containers offer many opportunities for modification. No matter what your need, Pac-Van is here to help. Let us know how you’d like to use your container, and we will work with you to make it happen. Reach us today via our Contact Us form or by emailing one of our knowledgeable modification experts today.