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Shipping containers come in many different sizes.  All of our locations carry our standard 40-foot shipping containers and our 20-foot shipping containers.  However, we have access to other unique lengths.  What are these other shipping container dimensions?  With our modification (mod) shops around the United States, in some markets, we have the ability to build nearly any size of shipping container you need, such as 10-foot storage containers, 16-foot storage containers, and 24-foot storage containers.

Other common questions are: How big is a shipping container? How wide are shipping containers? What are the shipping container dimensions?  The answer depends on the size of the storage container you need.  Take a look at the chart below for examples of approximate storage container dimensions*:

Standard shipping containers dimensions

* All numbers are estimates.  Please discuss this with a Pac-Van representative.

We also have access to “high cube” shipping containers.  These container dimensions have an extra foot added to their height, making them 9’6”, instead of the standard 8’6”.

Shipping Container Sizes Image 2

As mentioned, with our mod shops, we can build a container to fit your needs.  Custom storage container modifications are some of the many services we offer to you. For example, if you have a very specific need for a 30-foot shipping container due to your location and what needs to be stored in the shipping container.  Our mod shop would take a 40-foot shipping container and cut off 10 feet from one end and replace the wall.  This would then leave a 30-foot shipping container.  It is amazing the modifications that can be done.

Pac-Van can help you with your storage container needs, no matter the size.  Contact or email us today to talk to one of our storage experts about container dimensions and sizes.