So you’ve decided to buy or lease a shipping container. Now what?

Having a storage container delivered can be an easy process, provided that you are prepared. There are several factors to keep in mind before your shipping container delivery takes place.

Containers are our business, so we’ve delivered a ton of them throughout the United States; we’ve put together the list of tips below to help make your delivery go quickly and smoothly.

How Does A Shipping Container Get Delivered?

 Pictures always say it better than words. Take a look at the video below to see how our shipping container movers can deliver a container to your location.

Have a Plan for Your Shipping Container Delivery Well In Advance

Before arranging the delivery of your shipping container, there are a few things that you should consider. Plan your container delivery out in advance, so you can be prepared when the shipping container moving service arrives.

Scheduling your container in advance can guarantee the container size you want is in stock and to ensure that delivery can occur when you want it. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to prepare your site.

Where Is the Container Going? Is it going to a Company or to a Residential Property

Be sure and tell your sales representative the exact location the container is going. Your sales representative could use a mapping service such as Google Maps to see an aerial view of your location, but it is never a bad idea to send a few photos as well. Let us know about any changes to the landscape (powerlines, new structures, and or equipment). Clear communication about shipping container placement is key to successful delivery.

Is there enough space for a large shipping container moving truck to pull in and move around?

When delivering a shipping container, a basic rule of thumb is that you’ll need a space triple the length of the container.  If you’re having a 40 ft storage container delivered, you’ll need at least 120’ so the truck can pull out from under the container without having to drive over anything (like a tree, fence or mailbox).

Space Needed for Delivery

Will it be simple to drop or does the container need to be lowered onto some type of foundation? 

Site preparation is important when you’re buying or leasing a shipping container.  The delivery site should be clear in advance of Pac-Van’s arrival. Depending on the compaction of the ground and how long the container will be on the site, you may want to make special accommodations.

If the container is going to be in one place for more than 6 months, it’s a good idea to put some type of foundation or support underneath, which will allow for drainage and help to keep the container level during season changes, etc.

Tip: it’s a good idea to stake the area where the shipping container is being placed. This lets the driver know exactly where he orshe is going, and you can also be sure that the container fits into the location specified. 

Where should the container doors face?

Space Needed for Delivery

Doors to Cab – This means that the shipping container is loaded with its doors facing the front of the truck. In these circumstances, when the container is unloaded from the truck, the doors will land on the ground last and will face the same direction as how the truck drives away.

Doors to Rear – This means that the storage container doors land on the ground first; facing the opposite direction from how the truck will exit the location. This method is commonly used when the container is placed near a building for access or loading purposes.

Does that look level to you?

First and foremost- no matter how long the container will be on-site, the surface where it will sit must be level.  It is also important to level the container, particularly opposite corners, to ensure that doors are easy to open and close. Ask our experienced delivery drivers to check that the doors open and close easily.

Where EXACTLY is the Container Going?

If at all possible, make sure that you or someone that knows the specific details of where you want the container placed is available, especially if you haven’t staked off the area you want the container dropped. If you are unable to attend the delivery, please make sure you are available via phone to answer any questions the driver may have.

With a little planning and clear communication, the shipping container delivery can go quickly and easily.  The moving team here at Pac-Van is here to help. Please contact our shipping container moving company for any of your container needs.