As a leader in the storage container industry, Pac-Van seeks to bring innovation to the market. Bearing in mind the type of use cases for storage containers and the biggest risks or challenges involved, we set out to design a new container—one that was safer, simpler, and more secure. Now, we’ve launched the PV3 Safety Container—the first of its kind.


Introducing our NEW 20’ & 40’ PV3 Safety Containers

Safety Was Top of Mind

When we set out to design the PV3 safety container, safety was a guiding force. Conventional containers are difficult to open. In fact, because you typically must bend over and struggle to open most containers, there’s always the chance of injury. Worse, with traditional containers, there’s a risk of becoming locked in with no way of escaping. The PV3 Safety Container solves for both problems; it is the only container available with an emergency exit feature that allows you to escape even if the lock is engaged, while the single-handle door with lock and lever mechanism makes it easy to open. With the PV3 Safety Container, you’re guaranteed an easy entry and exit, the lock-in risk is eliminated and you’ve reduced the opportunity for you or any member of your team to get injured.


Unmatched Security

Security of your container is also a concern, as you’re storing expensive equipment, tools and materials. When we started the development of the PV3 Safety Container, we wanted to make it strong enough to thwart crime.  With interior locking rods as well as a solid brass lock with a hardened steel pin, the PV3 Safety Container offers the highest level of security. You can also add a padlock for even more protection.


Simple Operation, Every Time

The PV3 Safety Container is also easy to use. The single-handle door opens easily for anyone, regardless of strength—a factor any crew can appreciate at the end of a long workday. Simply turn the key, pull the lock pin, and pull down the lever—three easy steps, and you have access to your container. This easy-open door allows teams to get in and out of the container quickly and safely, improving overall productivity.


Container Innovation that Offers Peace of Mind

Engineered to be safer, simpler, and more secure than other containers, the PV3 Safety Container is available in two sizes—20’ or 40’— and you can upgrade with solar lighting as well. It took a lot of planning and designing, but the innovative PV3 Safety Container is indeed safer, simpler and more secure than any other container available today.




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