Flexible short-term or permanent space can be critical for government agencies to respond, scale and serve. Across the country, local, state, and federal government entities require cost-effective, high-quality, and efficient solutions.

When they run into issues relating to setting up temporary commands or find they’ve outgrown their current buildings, new construction isn’t the only answer. Instead, many agencies are taking advantage of portable storage and office solutions. Learn how governments use these structures to fit specific needs.

Space Challenges Require Creative Solutions

Constructing any type of building takes considerable time, labor, and money. Government agencies typically don’t have these resources readily available and need to act fast. A simpler alternative is to seek out modular structures. Governments realize that these structures can significantly benefit their agency’s mission.

Temporary or Long-Term Government Office Buildings

Portable office buildings are ideal for a variety of applications in the government sector.

They can serve as temporary field offices, especially in areas where traditional construction isn’t an option. They can also serve as a command headquarters when agencies need to respond to a national emergency, weather-related or otherwise. Because these offices don’t require blocking or leveling, they can be set up in a short amount of time.

Portable offices can also be used for emergency response, administrative workspace, security and guard offices at key checkpoints, classrooms and training facilities, and more.

Agencies may also find that portable offices and modular solutions can be a long-term solution to space issues. Instead of making a huge capital investment to expand an existing building or completely rebuild, a portable office delivers a more cost-effective and faster resolution. Because they are so versatile, they can fit just about any specification.

Additionally, if agencies have a small footprint in an area not easily accessible, it’s possible to crane portable offices in.

Portable Storage Containers and Their Many Uses

Government institutions can also use storage containers for supplies they don’t use every day, providing more room in their buildings. A liquid storage tank is an option for any type of environmental remediation to protect groundwater.

Further, these storage solutions can house emergency supplies, store fleets, equipment and parts, provide safe spaces for records and evidence, offer easy storage of and access to maintenance supplies, and more.

Pac-Van Can Support Government Entities with Modular Concepts

Pac-Van and its team of modular experts and designers have been serving government entities for years. We are a Central Contractor Registry (CCR) registered agent and can accept any government purchase order and offer an easy, efficient procurement path.

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