INFOGRAPHIC: What Can You Fit in a 40′ Container – Summer Edition

Storage containers come in all sizes and can be placed almost anywhere.  They are safe, secure, portable, and durable, and can hold A LOT more than you would think.  Before you buy a storage container, take a look at some examples of how much you can fit in a 40′ storage container. Click to see […]

Renters Guide for Storage/Shipping Containers

So you have decided you that you need to lease a storage/shipping container.  Many questions are probably arising… How much does a shipping container cost?  Where can you rent a shipping container?  How do you lease a shipping container?  How big are shipping containers?  Where can I find the best shipping container prices?  As when […]

Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks – What’s the difference?

Bulk liquid storage tanks are able to handle various types of liquids in most any situation.  We’ve covered it here and we’ve also covered which industries utilize our industrial liquid storage tanks (beyond the oil and gas industry).  Now let’s look at some differences in our industrial liquid storage tanks.  There are two major differences […]

Storage Container, Shipping Container, Cargo Storage Container, Conex Box… What’s the Difference?

You’ve decided you need a storage container and you’ve begun doing research on types of shipping containers.  Looking at websites, you have found steel storage containers for rent.  You’ve also found shipping containers for sale.  On top of all of that, you’ve found cargo containers, conex boxes (or connex boxes), seacans, ISO containers, ocean containers… […]

What Can Be Stored in a Bulk Liquid Storage Tank?

Recently, we wrote a blog titled Using a Pac-Van Tank for Your Bulk Liquid Storage Needs.  It covered the various industries we work with and how these market sectors use our portable bulk liquid storage tanks.  But what kind of liquids can you store in one of our frac tanks?  Before we get there, it […]

A Day in the Life of a Pac-Van Driver

An unsung hero is someone who makes a substantial but rarely recognized contribution to a project, event, process, or in Pac-Van’s case, the fulfillment of order.  Sure Pac-Van has mobile offices and storage containers for sale or rent, but have you ever thought about how your unit goes from our yard to your location?  To […]

Construction Trends in 2016

The United States economy continues to see an upward climb, which is continued good news for the construction industry. According to Dodge Data and Analytics, new construction starts in 2016 are expected to grow 6% over 2015, which was a good year for most sectors. Robert Murray, chief economist for Dodge Daa & Analytics, has […]

Using a Pac-Van Tank for Your Bulk Liquid Storage Needs

Have you ever seen a Pac-Van liquid storage tank and wondered what they’re being used for? The answer is that our bulk liquid storage tanks – including frac tanks, weir tanks, vac boxes, sludge tanks, etc.- are the tough and reliable liquid storage container solution to contain most liquid storage needs. Construction firms might use a […]

Steel Containers – Not Just for Storage

If you are looking for a safe and secure storage option, look no further than a Pac-Van storage container. However, these containers aren’t only for storage. The opportunities are virtually endless. If you can dream it, Pac-Van can help make it a reality. Container modifications are just one of the many options we offer. Many […]