For those of you involved in a construction zone, Pac-Van has a great solution to help you create safe, temporary covered pedestrian walkways.

Closed sidewalks may block access to pedestrians with disabilities and may increase the danger for everyone on foot. They can also often violate city policy. Pedestrian walkways are a solution to this issue.

Covered walkways provide an enclosed pathway for pedestrians, keeping the flow of traffic away from the construction and keeping sidewalks open, providing peace of mind on a construction site.

For on-site temporary pedestrian walkways during construction, shipping containers are the perfect structure. Also know as hoardings, covered walkways allow pedestrians to walk safely through and around the job site.

pedestrian walkway       pedestrian walkways

Another alternative for scaffolding walkways, a covered walkway offers ease of set-up. These units will not be affected by heavy winds and provide additional overhead protection to pedestrians.

Temporary walkway          Pedestrian walkway

These 14-gauge ISO type dry cargo steel containers serve as the ideal protection from construction debris or falling objects. These containers are constructed with steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel sides and end walls, a corrugated steel roof, wood flooring, double hinged doors. They have ISO corner fittings at each of the eight corners. By removing the container doors and cutting an opening on the opposite end, workers or pedestrians are now able to enter and walkthrough.

Walkway Tunnel     Covered Walkway Tunnel


Temporary pedestrian walkway rentals can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They can have an interior with full lighting and electrical capabilities, for instance. These units can also be connected, or they can have spaces in between the walkways for additional access points. Shipping container walkways can be customized or modified from a basic unit to adapt to each jobsite.

Jobsite Walkway        Walkway

Some other examples of common modifications that the Pac-Van team can provide on covered pedestrian walkways include:

  • ADA accessibility/ wheelchair accessibility
  • Lighting
  • Variety of flooring options (epoxy floors, non-slip carpet, etc.)
  • Handrails (helpful with inclines)
  • Picture frame window openings
  • Easy transition floor plates and ramps


Containers are stackable. Walkways are structurally strong enough to accommodate multiple walkway levels. For construction sites that lack space, walkways can be placed at ground level and GLOs (ground level offices) can be stacked above.

Stacked Covered Walkways

When your construction project is complete, all you need to do is lift the individual container units out of the work zone. Then, you can ship them to your next work-site on a standard freight truck.

Storage containers offer safety to pedestrians and structural integrity for temporary or permanent on-site walkways.

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