15 Plex Modular Construction Office

Efforts are under way in North Carolina to overhaul a 26-mile stretch of the oldest section of I-85 to meet current design requirements and eliminate substandard clearances. This movable building project will involve widening the highway from four lanes to six lanes. This will reduce congestion, improve driver safety and make the area more appealing to businesses and industries looking to locate or expand in the region. The DOT Board recently awarded a $436 thousand? joint contract to two North Carolina construction firms. This mobile construction office project is expected to take years to complete but, without these improvements, traffic volumes are predicted to increase year-after-year, exceeding capacity before 2035.

Pac-Van’s Charlotte branch worked with one of these construction firms, providing them with a 15-plex modular building that they will use as office space for 52 months during the overhaul. Using a modular construction trailer or prefabricated movable building as a jobsite office during construction can be an immediate solution to your temporary space needs. The modular construction office provides an on-site functional space to conduct business while keeping the workflow and (jobsite) moving according to schedule.

15 plex Charlotte Modular Buildings for Construction Sites

Modular buildings are designed and built to meet your demands to ensure you have a secure, efficient and reliable place to work. They can be modified to precise regulations and specifications. The Charlotte branch modified the 15-plex by demoing out the existing space from top to bottom, replacing existing floors with new tile. They worked to meet the customer’s needs by installing 15 10’x12’ office areas with portable walls as well as 20 cubicles.

This modular building will act as an extension of the company’s office while located on the jobsite overseeing the construction project.

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